App Testing: Series 1

I’ve been testing an app I’ve been working on for a few months and tonight, after some new data, I realized it’s pretty heavy (it’s a biggon).



When I first started work on this app, I thought I could skimp on the details. This app is coming back to haunt me.

*because of course it is*

So now I am going to dig into my code and cut out some fat.

Is it painful? Yes. Yes it is.


Holy shit you guys. I just finagled some bills and junk and managed to kill a ton of hours off my daily grind and we’re not going to starve!

*happy dance*

So NOW! I have time to update this app (mostly) distraction-free!


I’ll post a link when I’m happy with the updates for anyone that wants to to test it before I send it to Google Play.

…I’m so stoked.

Content Management Systems – An Ode to WordPress

Content Management Systems (or CMS) are designed primarily to assist backend users of all skill sets in creating, editing, and updating their site without the need for a developer or the ability to read/write code. Personally, I LOVE content management systems. I can write code for days, but having an intuitive interface really streamlines the process. Here is a brief guide to working with one content management system in particular: WordPress.

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Networking for the Introverted

Quick poll:

Would you rather a) spend time networking with new people that may present future business opportunities or b) stay home in Star Wars pjs, Netflix and popcorn.


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Viral Marketing – What, Why, How?

Perhaps nothing is as effective and efficient in spreading your message as a viral marketing campaign. The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. It’s been estimated that a successful viral campaign can have 500-1000 times more impact than a non-viral campaign.

Crafting a successful viral marketing campaign is more difficult than it looks. It requires careful planning and research. Use this cheat sheet to get started.

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